Singing, all together!

Conductor Tom Erics created the choir Echo in 2017, named after the Greek nymph Echo. With the success that followed, he also created a vocal group: Yambé (named after the daughter of Echo). To give all his attention to the musical aspect, Yambé and Echo created a board and became a joint association in 2019: Vocal Association VEYA. The choirs combined post-COVID and simply kept the name of the association: VEYA.

Over time, people with all ages and backgrounds have decided to join VEYA. VEYA stands for inclusivity and diversity. We sing songs in all kinds of different genres and different languages.

The Conductor

Tom Erics leads our rehearsals and arranges music to specifically fit our choir. To learn more about him, check out his website below!

The Board

The board, together with the committees makes sure that all the technical and formal aspects of the association are taken care of. Currently, the board consists of three people:

Steven Aerts    –    Chair:

The chair makes sure that the board (and thus the choir) is functioning correctly and efficiently.

Sarah van der Vlist    –    Treasurer:

The treasurer creates the financial balance for the association. They make sure that membership fees, the conductor, and the rehearsal space are paid.

Giulia Bongiorno    –    Commissioner of Music:

The commissioner of music runs the music committee, which creates the musical repertoire for each project.


The board is supported by several committees, consisting of enthusiastic members. Currently, the following committees are active:

Music committee

Together with the conductor, the music committee is responsible for the repertoire and other musical tasks of the choir. The members of this committee picks a theme for a concert and the repertoire.

Concert committee

Singing as a choir becomes even better when we can share our enthusiasm with others. The concert committee organises small gigs and bigger concerts. This means selecting the type of concerts, finding a location, thinking about dresscodes/decorations, etc.

Financial committee

Our treasurer is responsible for keeping track of our finances and the financial committee supports them with this process. The committee checks the budget every (half) year.

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