The conductor

Tom Erics is our musical leader. He guides us through our rehearsals and arranges music to specifically fit our choirs.
If you want to know more about him, have a look at his website.
The board
Margot Veenenbos – Chair: keeps the association up and running!
Jesse van Laar – Treasurer: will make sure you pay your membership fee.
Rebekka Troost – Secretary. Answers mail within and beyond the association.
Giulia Bongiorno – Chief Music: leads the repertoire committee.
The board is supported by several committees, consisting of enthusiastic members:

Music committee
Together with Tom, the music committee is responsible for the repertoire and other musical tasks of the choir. The members of this committee picks a theme for a concert and the repertoire. 

Concert committee
Singing as a choir becomes even better when we can share our enthusiasm with others. The concert committee organises small gigs and bigger concerts. This means selecting the type of concerts, finding a location, thinking about dresscodes/decorations, etc. 

Social committee
We all love singing, that’s what brings us together. However, it is also nice to get to know your fellow singers in another way. Therefore, the social committee organizes different activities, such as drinks after a rehearsal or a potluck. 

Financial committee
Our treasurer is responsible for keeping track of our finances and the financial committee supports them with this process. The committee checks the budget every (half)year.
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